Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Normally Dexter says: "Hey, nothing but animal pictures on my page, please". Today he relented....

I don't know if we always think of food as 'art', yet some of the earliest artists who painted 'still-life', used fruits for their subject-matter.

Today I was fixing a 'treat' - it's for people; probably Dexter and his buddies wouldn't like it all that much (but then again - who knows).

I realized that we have had to cut way back on
eating salmon because of the high cost. Today happened to be a day to
'treat' ourselves; simply poaching salmon - cutting up the melon we got at a
reasonable price; a big cluster of grapes also on sale, and two poached eggs
made for a delightful breakfast.

So, since Dexter rarely has to think about
'food prices' and budgets, if you want to make this meal for yourself, try to do
it when you find items that area seasonal; or possibly on

I told Dexter I finally had to make an entry to also let his readers know that when things start getting a bit pricey and word of a possibly recession start circulating, we have to 'get smarter' about our expenses. If you'd like to read what Dexter's grandma has started about how she's handling the higher costs without a problem, visit: http://rollwiththerecession.blogspot.com.