Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boy, that irks me - Dexter says 'no cats allowed'. Phooey!

I checked the recipes; I don't like any of them. I like my tuna fish 'straight'. I'm fussy - I'd like caviar, but I don't get it that often.
One thing I insist on: DESSERT! I love sweet milk. The other
day my mistress said she was out of that expensive CONDENSED milk, and I was so
upset I just went outside and pouted.
Well, she got creative. She took a quart of regular milk; put in 2 cups of sugar, and cooked at 225 degrees until it was a bit like jelly - just the way I like it. I love little globs of sweet milk - this worked great. She said she saved about $2.00 by making this up for me - now I can have more I bet......
I guess I'd better get up; get going before Dexter catches me here - he's a darned big dog!