Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So, that big white fluffy dog is making big batches of relish, right?

Well, I like to make big batches of CHEESY STUFF for my hot dogs! It's really very simple. I take a quart of milk; put in 1/2 cup of butter - then I put in 3.5 cups of evaporated milk, and 6# of Velveeta cheese (yup, the Velveeta weighs more than I do)!!!
I put it all in a big cooking pot; I put it on a very low heat - I watch it so it doesn't burn, and when it's all melted, I stir it up real good and it makes about 8 to 10 pints. There, now I can use that white dog's relish and slather on that gooey cheese...just have to keep my hair out of it when I eat (and that can be tough).